I was born in the 60’s in Solihull, a small town just South of Birmingham, England.

After secondary school I worked in the Jewelry industry as a stone setter and jewelry designer, it was a rewarding  job as I sat next to and learnt from a true craftsman that taught me some of  the fundamental ideas of design, some of which I still hold close to me today and can still incorporate into my work.

I would work and save so that I could travel and learn. I traveled a lot through Europe, North Africa, Israel  and India and at  the age of 21 I traveled for the first time to Australia and by the age of 22 had moved to Perth, Western Australia.

After several years working on building sites learning various different skills, it was in Perth  the path opened up for me  into the film and TV industry  in 1991 I won one of the twelve available  places at AWARD School, where we were taught directly by some of the top creative people from that region about the thought and mind set that goes into the making of media campaigns and TV commercials and the reason people get hooked by them. It was something I had looked at a lot during my early years when I was traveling through different countries and seeing campaign posters that advertised things I had never heard of, in languages I did not understand, yet still felt compelled to look at them and wonder.

After AWARD school I got some work placement at Ad agencies doing some small copy writing  jobs and then got my break at one of Perth’s production companies where I was in charge of set construction and prop building, I worked with production designers and directors, learning as much as I could along the way. In 1996  I won a Lumiere Award for best Art Direction for the short film “Struck” that was filmed in 1995, written and directed by Steve Peddy, later that year I applied for and got a job on the TV series “Sweat” which included in the cast a young Heath Ledger and Simon Baker, it was just prior to that that I had met Ulrika and eventually we  returned to Europe and Sweden where my designing has become more varied due to the variation of jobs and skills that I have picked up in the last 25 years.