Små Citroner Gula

Adapted from the best selling Swedish novel by Kajsa Ingemarsson a rom-com based in the restaurant industry.

Filmed in Stockholm, Göteborg and studio in Trollhätten, I really have to thank the art department on this one. Karin, Monika, Charlie, Vinnie, Mozart, Max, Åsa, Stina, Frank, Raven, Dotta and Sophia, did an exceptionable job  given the fact that we only had three weeks preparation before the shoot started in Stockholm and as ever on Swedish films budget restraints that stretched our imagination to the limit.

In the studio we built the interior of a restaurant, that during  shooting became another restaurant, with a completely working kitchen. It went from over the top posh, to a building site and then to a homely cozy place in the space of 4 weeks and at the same time dressing and de-dressing out on locations.

They do say never work with children and animals, well they should add food to that list too.


Directed by Teresa Fabik  DOP Anders Bohman

See the trailer: