Johan Falk

Starring Jakob Eklund and Joel Kinnaman, this was the fourth feature film in the Falk series and was followed up by five more films for TV, you can see more details on my IMDB page.
A police action drama about the relationship of a detective and his informer.

Shot in Gothenberg, I lived for 13 months on the West coast of Sweden.

We built up the police station, Falk’s apartment, prison cells, hospital rooms and several more sets in the deserted Ericsson experimental building in Mölndal.

It was action all the way, most of the story lines are based on fact, with a real life infiltrator as the main story source.

A normal week on Falk started with an armored car robbery, an explosion in a cafè, some one getting beaten to death, a shoot out in a hotel, some weapons been smuggled, a car chase and crash, some extortion and ending the week with  several car bombs. Some excellent  stunts and FX’s. The car park outside the office looked like a war zone with half burnt out cars and converted vans.

Directed by: Anders Nilson (Films 1-2)  Richard Holm (Films 3-4)  Daniel Lind Lagerlof  (Films 5-6)

See the trailer: