The reccie for this commercial was a sure sign of how the filming was going to be. The location had to be an open area of marshy land in  front of  a forrest, away from any signs of civilization, I came home with roughly 21 mosquito bites.
All the components we built at the workshop and transported out to the location the day before, so when we started work at the chosen location  our main piece of equipment was bee keeper hats and with every bit of skin covered to protect us from the onslaught of mother nature.
As we were so far from the nearest forrest track we had to hire a crane that reached 70 metres to drop in the wrecked Volvo.
HQ.se is an on line finance company, for the non Swedes, the father is saying  “One day son you will inherit all of this”

Director Jesper Erickstam

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