TV1000 X-Mas

It’s always nice doing Christmas commercial’s even if its only November, it starts the seasonal feeling nice and early and a chance to start Christmas shopping.

We filmed this at Independent Studios in Saltsjö-Boo just outside Stockholm, which is surrounded by Swedish nature, which was lucky for us, the Christmas tree the props buyers had bought was not quite big enough for the English creative’s so a quick trip out to the forest with a hand saw and hey presto a beautiful fresh pine tree that fitted perfectly, as we came back to the studio with it  the English creative joked, “Now you couldn’t do that at Pinewood studios !”   Ho Ho Ho

We built and dressed two sets, the living room and santa’s helpers workshop. The bowling ball was bought from the U.S. and freighted over, the hunting knife was found in Stockholm “Now thats a knife” and the handcuffs are know in my bedside draw.

This spot won a sliver at the 2011  NYC Promax for best seasonal campaign for Christmas  for Brokendoll.

Director Brett Richards

See the video: