The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk

I got excited about this job right from the first meeting.

Studio one at filmhuset was were we filmed this, it was an unusual  build given that the roof space is only 10 metres and we had eight metre high walls, that were sloping out and a floor sloping from the back to front and from side to side, part of the roof  had to be  removed to enable the stunt team to hang wires so Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist could climb the walls and do the idiot walk.

After this job I became a fan of The Hives, a pumping sound and a really nice bunch of blokes.

Their was a helicopter on stand-by as one of the band members wife was due to have a baby at any moment.

This clip won the 2004  Swedish Grammy for best video. The clip on here is a timelapse of the build up, to watch the video follow the link to YouTube.

Director Kalle Haglund

See the video: