Sonera (2nd Spot)

Sonera  Finland, these spots are for directory enquirers 020202.
Working in the art department means you always get to meet interesting people, In this Sonera commercial I got to meet and know some of Stockholm’s hot rod enthusiasts, we filmed this on location in an underground garage/workshop  in Stockholm, we had the two hot rods delivered to the location and they only just squeezed in thorough the narrow, steep and winding entrance.
“Angle grinder on steel” was the SFX used for the sparks in the wide shot.
The guy on the phone is asking “what is the number for directory enquirers”
We had a double of the hot rod door painted and the number was burnt in with the plasma cutter that is featured.
A green pole was attached to the guys arm to pull it erratically from side to side for the close up shots.

Director Adan Berg

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