Nils Holgersson

“Nils Holgerssons underbara resor” or in English: “Nils Holgerssons wonderful journey.”

From the classic book of Selma Lagerlöf, four one hour episodes, without doubt the most challenging  job I have worked on up till now.

For starters the main character is only 30cm tall, so most of the sets and props that were built had to be 4:1 scale, coupled with live action animals, animatronics , VFX’s and a film shoot spread from the far South of Sweden to the far North ending with 3 weeks of green screen studio in Hamburg.

Made for the German network ARD most of the actors and crew were from Germany, the animatronics crew from England and the rest from Sweden.

Apart from the standard 1:1 filming  we had to recreate 11 exterior locations in the studio that were scale 4:1, which included grass, tree’s, bushes, leaves, rocks, flowers, berries, apple’s and then all the interactive props that Nils touched an endless list.

With Dirk Regel, director, Philipp Timme  DOP and Michael Twinem, first assistant director, we formed an inner circle that with meticulous  planning pulled off the biggest VFX film ever in Sweden. The art department we put together was made up of 28 amazing members and the rest of the crew was truly one of the best I have ever worked with.

See the video: