När Mörkret Faller

När mörkret faller, English title, When the darkness falls.

Without been to biased this is one of the best Swedish films Ive seen, It won the Amnesty International  award for best film at the Berlin film festival 2007 and was nominated for 4 Gold Bagge.
We built the interior of a two story house and the family’s apartment in the studios of Film i Väst in Trollhätten.
The exteriors were filmed around Trollhätten, Göteborg and Hamburg, the motorway stunt  scene in Hamburg was all shot live, no VFX’s this gruesome scene is all down to the magic of editing.
All based on factual events, The Story is three stories in one and shows the strength people have to face to over come fear’s in their life, that come from near by.

Directed by Anders Nilsson DOP P.A. Svensson

See the trailer: