House Extension

The first actual house extension I have designed, it is quite exciting for me as usually the things I design only stand for at the most 6/8 weeks for film’s.
The extension is a new master bedroom, the old bedroom becomes a dressing room and the old bathroom will become an en suite, we have also moved the entrance from the side/corner of the house which will be the new guest toilet and the new entrance is in a central position on the front of the house we also  built a new garden around the entrance,     ” The Autumn Terrace”. Which utilizes the block a lot more than it did before. We had to cut down some of the owners favorite tree’s, build a 2 metre high retaining wall and back fill, mostly with sacks of polystyrene for drainage purposes, it was a lot of work  but in the long run the entrance will become a real noticeable feature of the house. The false roof over the new entrance was added to give a more of an optical illusion that the extension was not a new part of the house, that it was all one and the same.
We had to start by demolishing the existing garage, which was replaced by a parking area and a work space for the owner to store all the things from the garage, at the time of writing is due for completion in summer 2012.