Filmed at filmhuset Gärdet studio 1
One of the very rare occasion’s that I have been given a completely blank page to start with, the only brief was “we want a futuristic corridor”. I took the colours from Valio/Gefilus products and the inbuilt lighting is spaces built into the walls, floor and ceiling of the set with diffusion paper in the gaps, that the lighting crew put fluro’s behind. We covered the set in high gloss plastic and the 6 sided hexagon shape of the corridor really picks up the reflections.
So although it looks like this is all done in post CGI we did in fact build 16 metres of the corridor where the juggler is standing, she was juggling fire on chains and the corridor was extended to infinity in post production. the flying objects coming down the corridor are germs, which the product protects you from.

Director’s  The Lindgren Brothers

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